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From heaven 

to hell

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Peter Ash as (JONES) & Danny Clifford as (HARPER)

Photo by Shay Rowan

Nominated for Best Drama at the Greater Manchester Theatre Awards


“A timeless masterpiece” – Northwest end 

“A high quality  production" - MTA Awards 

“Heart-warming” – Canal St Media 

“Mesmerising” - Quay News

From Heaven to Hell is a theatrical  production set during the First World War. It is inspired by a true story of the 1st Salford Pals Battalion and follows a group of friends who enlist together and fight side by side at the Battle of the Somme.

The story also follows the women left at home who must work in jobs usually meant for men due to the influx of male recruitment into the Army. 

At the center of the story is the relationship between Harper and Mary. Mary was left blind from a previous abusive relationship and Harper is homeless. They both fall in love then Harper enlists into the Army.  The two of them write letters to one another then Mary falls pregnant when Harper returns home from leave.  

Although a love story the play demonstrates the brutality of the trenches and how life on the front line effects each character differently.

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Danny Clifford began writing From Heaven to Hell in 2016 after watching a documentary about the Battle of the Somme. He was moved by the acts of heroism and saddened by the countless lives lost. Two months later Danny created his first script which only consisted of two scenes, they were performed at a showcase at The Lowry theatre. The feedback was positive which encouraged him to continue writing.

The One Act script was completed six months later. The first performance was at the Salford arts Theatre July 2017, it received rave reviews and was nominated for best drama at the Greater Manchester Theatre awards.


Danny continued to work on the script and developed the play into a Two act production. The cast performed the new script in 2018 at the empty space theatre in Media city Manchester; the reviews were an excellent  mix of four and five stars. The play was performed again at The Milgate Theatre in Oldham on remembrance Sunday, exactly one hundred years since the end of World war one. The show completely sold out within one week and the production raised nearly £1000 for the Royal British Legion.


Danny Clifford & Emily Jones as (MARY) 

Notible names involed in the production were National Television Award winner Peter Ash (Coronation st) as JONES and Sue Jenkins (Brookside, Coronation st) director.


Article from The Manchester Evening News

Danny Clifford with Tina Pringle from The Royal British Legion.


Sue Jenkins directing actors Peter Ash, Danny Clifford and Matt Hall.


Remembrance day performance to a sold out crowd at The Milgate Theatre.

Actor & Writer Danny Clifford talks to ITV about his play "From Heaven to Hell".

from stage to screen

After the success of the stage production Danny made the decision to adapt the play into a television series. The first series is a prequel to what happened in the play then the second series picks up from where the play starts. 

The vision is to create four seasons which would cover a two year timeline. The script for season one is now complete and discussions have already been made with potential investors. 

Exciting times are ahead.. 

For more information about investment opportunities please email 

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